Are you an NZ Small Business owner or Solopreneur looking for support with showing up online how you want to be seen?
Are you getting weighed down by the time it takes you to create content and collateral for your business? Sick of spending so much time ON your business, leaving less time to grow your business by being with your clients?
Are you struggling along creating your own social media content with a lack of know-how, and it's starting to show?
Well, maybe it's time you got yourself a Dollybird for the office!
And I'm all about the Content, Baby!
If you want content design tasks taken off your to-do list so that you can start spending your precious time doing the things that you do best, and want to finally start showing up online in an impactful way so your clients can see what you're all about - then it's time we talked!VIRTUAL SUPPORT SERVICES INCLUDE:DIGITAL DESIGN & ONLINE MARKETING Services:
⭐️Branded content design for your business - Canva templates, Flyers, PowerPoints, Digital Workbooks and more!
⭐️Social Media Content Creation - Content & Captions done for you! - Monthly packages available
⭐️ Videography & Video Content Creation for your business
From full brand story videos to short-form videos for Reels & TikTok - Packages available
⭐️ 1:1 Creative Coaching - For NZ small business owners & solopreneurs looking to learn how to refine & revitalise their social media presence.


Hi! I'm Rachel Riddle, the Director of Dollybird Virtual Assistants. I have over 18 years’ worth of experience working with senior leaders and business owners, supporting them with streamlining administrative tasks and facilitating smoother business operations.Using my experience, in 2019 I set out on my own journey to build not one, but two thriving businesses from the ground up using the power of social media and I sure learnt a thing or two about the impact of online marketing! I now love helping NZ small business owners and solopreneurs by injecting my knowledge and creative flair into their world through my service offerings.




30 Minute Consultation Call
Investment: Free of Charge
This consultation call is a free phone or Zoom call for new businesses looking to work with Dollybird. This time is used to create clarity around what support needs your business currently requires and where Dollybird can fit into that for you. Following this 30 minute call, you will receive a follow-up email confirming all key discussion points, a quote with confirmed support offerings, and a guide for the next steps.

ad-hoc SUPPORT

Investment: $85 + GST ph
(Time is billed in 15-minute increments, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.)
The perfect option for one-off/ad-hoc pieces of work that you simply don't have time to get across the line but need completed sooner rather than later! You may have travel to be arranged, documents that need formatting or social media content to be created - Let's discuss your needs & I'll tell you how & when we can get it done for you!


Investment: Confirmed following ConsultationFollowing an initial consultation call, Dollybird works with you to design a monthly service package that captures all of your ongoing support requirements. Whether you are in need of ongoing support with your business collateral or are looking for help with content creation for your socials - Monthly packages are a great option to put in place for long-term virtual support needs, as this provides certainty that key tasks within your business will be looked after each month for the same rolling investment.


Investment: $450 + GST
1 x 90-minute Session
Are you a NZ Small Business looking to show up better online but need support figuring out How?
Do you want to refine your social presence online, but need some inspiration, and creative guidance? Are you stuck when it comes to putting together consistent monthly content, or need a crash course on Canva?
Then my 1:1 Creative Coaching sessions are for you!

Testimonials - What my clients have to say

"Rachel took over as my virtual PA in 2021. She is organised, smart, funny, and caring. She does a fantastic job of doing all the stuff I need done to make sure I can focus my energy where I make an impact. She is a delight to deal with! Can’t recommend highly enough."Dr. Paul Wood

"Rachel is amazing at what she does and really has a great way with words and putting your thoughts into a brilliantly designed social media graphic!She’s given me the confidence to show up on social media and her support and guidance has been invaluable over these past months. I would highly recommend working with Rachel and know you will find her just as invaluable as I have!"Candice Mulder
Execute Virtual Assistant

"I was struggling with having the time to create the social media content that I wanted to be putting out, it stressed me out as I always felt under time pressure and would procrastinate a lot as it wasn’t my favourite job.I really love having the monthly planning meeting to discuss the following month's social media as this time with Rachel actually made me accountable to sit down and think what I wanted the posts to be about."Jenny Barker
The Naturopathic Clinic

"I chose to work with Rachel because of her reputation. I spoke with a contact of mine who sang Rachel’s praises. That was good enough for me. Rachel has saved me heaps of time, the end result is way better than I could ever hope to produce. Rachel get’s what’s needed on the first pass. Her creative design skills are top notch. It’s a wow moment when I open up the doc for the first time."Denise Hartley-Wilkins
Shine People Consulting


Because a virtual assistant is an independent contractor, a business does not have to provide the same benefits or pay the same overheads that it would for a full-time employee working in an office.
As virtual assistants work offsite in their own remote working space, there is no need for a desk or other workspace amenities at the company's office.
**Other major benefits include: **
• No Kiwisaver, ACC, PAYE, Annual Leave/Sick Leave/Public Holidays - we cover all of our own overheads.
• The annual investment to have a VA is a lot less than an annual salary for an employee + other costs to the business.
• Only pay for the hours worked - Virtual Assistants provide 100% productivity and track their time.
• Virtual Assistants are flexible and scalable - we work with you as your business grows.
• Very low risk to your business from an engagement/disengagement perspective.
• Monthly billing is provided for the work & time agreed upon as set out in your service agreement, helping you to budget for your VA each month.
• No payroll or employment contracts to organise.
• Your VA becomes a trusted and dependable helper for your business.
• And most importantly - We help increase your efficiency by taking the admin off your desk!


During an initial consultation call, Dollybird works with you to create clarity around what support needs your business requires; whether this is a short-term need or long-term investment, we explore how Dollybird Virtual Assistants can best fit into your world.As business support requirements vary across organisations, we work together to discuss and determine which tasks you would most like to outsource and the ideal amount of support hours you will need based on this. We then allocate a support package to suit, and agree on timing for the work to commence.A full Service Agreement is provided upon engagement, but for a copy of our T&C's please email us directly.


Ready to talk through your options & explore more of how I can help support your business?
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Rachel Riddle - Virtual Executive Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 22 096 8601